Announcing Xero Accounts Integration with Gas Engineer Software

By Gamze Priest

Announcing Xero Accounts Integration with Gas Engineer Software

July 14, 2017

We are very excited to start rolling out the all new Xero Accounts Integration with Gas Engineer Software.

This integration will allow you to do your tax returns, VAT, P&L and benefit from all the other features your accounting package offers, without the hassle of double entry With the integration enabled, you can choose to sync your customer and invoices over to Xero Accounts.

Currently we have a small number of early adopters using the integration and it will be open to all very shortly.

Please let us know if you are interested and we can enable it as soon as it is out of beta.

I hope this helps you and your business.

And thank you for everyone’s support.

Tulloch Priest

Gas Engineer Software

PS Since the last update we have been working hard and pushed out a large number of  other improvements on the website, iOS and Android Apps.

(see below for full details)

Your Apps should automatically update, but just to double check you can click on the links below and if there a button saying ‘Update’ please click on this.

If it says ‘Open’ then are you  already up to date with the latest version.

And are good to go.

Website Updates

• Xero Accounts integration.

• Able to upload unlimited number of photos.

• Stopped currency changing from “€” to “£” when converting quote to invoice.

• Removed the word ‘Safety’ from the Job Sheet html and check the cert too

• Fixed issue with calendar where event’s description was updated to match the Job when edited from Job page.

• Enabled support for odd (non standard) characters in the engineer comments box on a gas service record without causes issues with PDF.

• Fixed issue with creating a quote directly from a Job.

• Tidied up PDF produced from Non-Domestic Gas Testing and Purging Certificates.

• Fixed small issue with previewing signature field on the Job Sheet.

Android App Updates

• Added display of any additional attachments when sending an email from the app.

• Added support for adding past events to the calendar.

• Users with the calendar role will now be able to view and edit all events from within the app.

• Made adjustments to the ‘add payment’ option for existing issued invoices.

• Defaulted smoke alarm options to ‘N/A’ on Gas Safety Records.

• Reduced the amount of compression used on photos taken while using software.

• Fixed an issue that stopped users from attaching an existing photo to jobs on some devices.

• Fixed options that appear when tapping on a number within the app not appearing correctly on some devices.

• Fixed a minor glitch that occurred when tapping back in an existing draft that took the user through a loop.

• Fixed an issue that resulted in invoices not being updated within the app when being marked as paid.

iPad and iPhone Updates

• Added activity type option on calendar events.

• Added customer address details to ‘Customers’ view.

• Extended support for older iOS 7 devices.

• Tidied up title drop down not appearing on screen as intended on larger iOS devices.

• Fixed company address details not saving when modified.

• Fixed quotes, converted to an invoice, still sending a copy of the quote instead when being emailed.

• Tidied up display issue that listed the same customers more than once.

• Tidied up the user interface improve clarity.

• Added ‘open’ shortcuts on calendar events that will take user to that customer / job address on their device.

• Added pop-out signature field that better utilises available screen space.

• Added Closed Flue option for gas appliances.

• Increased space for calendar details.

• Updated text on the Leisure Industry Landlord Gas Safety Record.

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