Why is it £65 for 10 minutes?

By Oliver Spencer

Why is it £65 for 10 minutes?

July 26, 2021

It was half seven by the time you got there. Easy fix - topped up the pressure. That was three weeks ago.

You finally managed to send the invoice an hour ago - it’s been a crazy busy few weeks.

She’s now asking why it is £65 as you were only there for 10 minutes.

You tried invoicing every night, Sundays were better, but miss one and everything is now a week or two late.

That evening, she was so grateful.

If only there was a way to send the invoice straight away.

It would save all of this hassle.

Invoice on site with Gas Engineer Software

It’s quick and easy to get it all done while it is fresh in your customers mind.

Plus you get paid quicker!

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