iPad and iPhone App updated with IOS 9 support

By Gamze Priest

iPad and iPhone App updated with IOS 9 support

October 12, 2015

We have just updated the iPad and iPhone Apps – with the following:

Support for IOS 9
Fixed Issue with iPhone not saving the Operating Pressure on Landlords Gas Safety,

Fixed Issue with Calendar not Opening Correctly

And other IOS9.0.1 Bug Fixes.

Added ‘Job Address is the same as the customers address’ option to the Customer and Job Address screens.

Added Region to Customer and Job Address screens

Ability to add prefix in front of the Oil Engineer Registration Number.

Ability to have more than 6 appliances on the Landlord, Homeowner, LPG, Leisure and ND Gas Safety Records.

Calendar opening to today’s date on the calendar.

Updates to the ND Purging and Testing Record.

Fix bug with Gas Service Due date.

Please click on the iStore image below on your device to make sure you have the latest version.


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