New Features and Bug Fixes

By Gamze Priest

New Features and Bug Fixes

January 28, 2014

1) New Feature – Added ‘CO’, ‘CO2’ and ‘Gas Inlet Working Pressure’ to the web portal gas safety certificate. (Apps will be updated shortly)

2) New Feature – all emails are now copied to a customers second email address
3) Bug Fixed – Access rights to invoices now save for additional users.

4) New Feature – Annual service reminders will be sent to customers every year – even if you did not do the service in the last 12 months. (to stop annual service reminders simply remove the service date from the Installation Address)

5) New Feature – ‘Job Ref No’ is now editable on the Quotes and Invoices

6) New Feature – ‘Job Ref No’ has been added to the Job Sheet

Coming Shortly

1) Warning Notice added to the iPad and iPhone App.

2) Non-Domestic Gas Safety Record added to the web portal.

3) Warning Notice added to the Android App.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback and help improving the software.

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