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The Boiler Engineer Ltd
Case Study

The Boiler Engineer Ltd

The Boiler Engineer Ltd is a Plumbing and Heating Company based near Ashford in Kent covering most of South East England. They have been established since 1999.

Since implementing Gas Engineer Software in January 2014, The Boiler Engineer Ltd has grown from a sole trader to now employing 7 members of staff.


  • The Boiler Engineer Ltd was using paper certificates, records, quotes and invoices, and paperwork was a nightmare.
  • Evening and weekends were spent invoicing, posting certificates, filing, searching for paperwork, tracking payments, chasing outstanding invoices, sending quotes – and all done outside of work hours.
  • Business was not growing.



Wayne, the director of The Boiler Engineer Ltd, wanted to improve and grow his business.
He wanted to get away from the inefficiency of paperwork.

He replaced the paper certificates, invoices and spreadsheets with Gas Engineer Software, all in one package especially built for Gas and Heating Companies based in the UK and Ireland.

Work was faster and nothing was forgotten, as certificates, records, quotes and invoices were done and sent to the customer before leaving the job site.

At the Second visit to the properties - all that needed to be entered was the new inspection results as everything else was already on the system. This allowed him to finish the inspections quicker and gave him extra time in the day.

Customers received quotes instantly, providing great service and winning more work.

Everything is filed automatically, showing full history for every customer and job site.

Outstanding invoices and un-invoiced jobs were highlighted.

Automatic invoice reminders were sent out to the customers by the software and invoices were paid quicker, giving the company more cash flow.

Service reminders sent automatically, without needing any input which brought repeat business without extra marketing.

As Boiler Engineer Ltd employed more engineers, managing each engineers calendar was easy with the built-in Gas Engineer Software calendar. It allowed them to be very efficient without wasting time visiting the office for any paperwork or job order.

Wayne freed up his time to grow the business.


  • The Boiler Engineer Ltd grew turnover by 550%
  • Business grew from sole trader to employing 7 staff.
  • Wayne, the director of The Boiler Engineer is able to spend more time with his family in the evenings and the weekend, enjoying fishing with his son instead of wasting time doing paperwork outside office hours.
  • Gas Engineer Software helped The Boiler Engineer Ltd to be better, faster and more efficient.

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