Straight to the top on Google

July 4, 2017

Originally Published in Registered Gas Engineer Magazine – Issue 100, July 2017

It takes a little time and effort, but getting to the top spot for the organic search results for a number of search terms (keywords) can really move your company to the next level.

Google should be your main focus as currently it has the lion’s share of all searches with around 77%, whereas both Yahoo and Bing follow a long way behind with just 5% and 7% respectively.

Update to iPhone and iPad Apps

June 10, 2017

We have updated the iPhone and iPad Apps to version 4.1.26.

Note this may take a little time to show via the Apple App Store

The Art of Getting Paid – Collecting Non Cash Payments

May 8, 2017

Originally Published in Registered Gas Engineer Magazine – May 2017

If you’re regularly struggling to get paid on time and always seem to be chasing late payments, you’re not alone.

Android, iOS and Website Portal Updated

April 30, 2017

Both the Android and iOS apps as well as the website portal has been updated with a large number of changes.

One of the major changes we’ve introduced in this release is a Smoke Alarms section that has been added to both the Landlord and Homeowner Gas Safety Records.

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