Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records Updated

March 31, 2014

Gas Service and Gas Breakdown Records Updated

As requested by various engineers to make it easier for your customers to read.

Quotes and Invoices on are now on the Apps

March 11, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that the apps have been updated.

Please make sure you upgrade to the latest version as there are also a number of changes to the syncing to handle poor or slow network connections.

New Features and Bug Fixes

February 27, 2014

1) Feature – Added Reconciled tick box to the Reconciled tab, under Invoices.

2) Feature – Split Homeowner and Landlord Gas Safety Buttons on the Create New tab

Create Gas Warning / Advice Notice on the iPhone and iPad

February 14, 2014

You can now create Gas Warning / Advice Notices on your iPhone and iPad.

You can also see existing certificates, under the Existing Certificates menu option.

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