Save Time With Software For Your Flue Gas Analyser

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Doing Work, Technical Knowledge

Connecting your flue gas analyser to Gas Engineer Software takes only a few simple steps

For the past few decades, flue gas analysers (FGAs) have become a mainstay in a gas engineer’s toolkit. They’re an integral part of checking the safety, reliability, and performance of gas systems and, in 2014, they were even made a legal requirement for both installations and annual servicing. In simple terms, gas engineers use flue gas analysers extremely frequently.

Having to jot down all the different readings you get from your flue gas analyser can be a bit annoying, to say the least. While it isn’t taking up hours and hours of your life, it’s one of those small and unnecessarily tedious bits of your day that you could do without.

Fortunately, simple software integrations can help streamline the process and save your time.

Why you should use software with your flue gas analyser

Most modern flue gas analysers have Bluetooth connectivity, which means they can send out wireless signals to devices like your smartphone. 

Certain software providers offer integrations with flue gas analysers so you can wirelessly send readings from your FGA straight to your phone. Gas Engineer Software, for example, as a simple “Import Readings” button for both high and low combustion analyser readings. All relevant numbers are instantly and automatically ported into your gas safe certificate, and a pdf file is attached for reference (example below).

A flue gas analyser report from our software
There are a few key advantages to this: 

  • The data is 100% accurate: Everyone makes mistakes. It’s tedious copying down all these tiny numbers with several decimal places, and even just a missing 0 could cause issues. Importing it like this guarantees accuracy.
  • It’s much quicker and easier: Press import and the data transfer is near-instant. Instead of painstakingly copying numbers down, you can focus on the job at hand.
  • Results are automatically stored and organised: You can write down all your FGA readings on a slip of paper – only for it to get misplaced or lost. Transferring them using an app like Gas Engineer Software ensures they’re kept safe, traceable, and always accessible by attaching them onto the record on the cloud.

Keeping everything under one roof

Integrating your flue gas analyser with software is part of the all-in-one software ideal. 

As a gas engineer, your workflow is a multi-step process: from quote to job, invoice, and every step in between. Linking each of these steps together with a single software helps create a work ecosystem that’s much more efficient and streamlined. 

We recently wrote an article about the benefit of an all-in-one software system, which you can read here. By minimising the time wasted between each stage of a job, you can focus on what you deem more important, whether it be freeing yourself up for more jobs, improving your service quality, or leading a healthier work-life balance.

Which flue gas analysers work with software?

Most modern FGAs have wireless connectivity and will be able to transfer data seamlessly. However, some models only work with the manufacturer’s apps. 

If you want to integrate your flue gas analyser with Gas Engineer Software, you’ll need FGAs such as the KANE258, KANE358, KANE457, KANE 458, and KANE458s, or Anton Sprint Pro3 and above, and Anton eVo3 (for Android devices only).

How do I use software with my flue gas analyser?

Our help centre is filled with useful articles and information for gas engineers using software. Click here to learn how you can integrate your flue gas analyser with Gas Engineer Software.

Next steps:

If you’ve been thinking about implementing software into your workflow to save time, here’s what you can do next: