Save Time & Connect Your Flue Gas Analyser

Kane Gas Analyser Software Integration

Which analysers work with Gas Engineer Software?


Integration works with KANE258 and KANE458s. Please see our Kane help article.

Kane Gas Analyser Software Integration


Integration works with Anton Sprint Pro3 and above, and Anton eVo3 (with Android devices). Please see our Anton help article.

Anton Gas Analyser - Software Integration

” It is great for me as everything is covered for running my business. “

I have used this App since the beginning. It is great for me as everything is covered for running my business. When I have any issues….usually my own incompetence…the staff are brilliant, very patient with me whilst sorting out every issue that has bothered me. The small price per year is for nothing for the benefits it offers. I would recommend to anyone especially those not too tech savvy.

Gordon Harwood, Leeds
Churwell Plumbing & Heating

Designed to make your life a little easier

Integrating your FGA with Gas Engineer Software is just another way our software helps you run a more streamlined, smooth operation.


Pull Readings From Your Analyser via Bluetooth

Gas engineers couldn’t do their work without flue gas analysers. Our integration takes their usefulness one step further by seamlessly linking them with our Gas Engineer Software account. Save time copying data across by hand and get the data imported right where you need it.

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Get Accurate & Traceable Reports

Every time you transfer data across from your analyser to our software, it’s attached automatically to a record with the date & time you took the reading. This way, you get concrete proof the work has been completed and can easily go back and find the data when necessary.


We’re All Human, After All

When you’re copying across all the data gathered from your FGA, it’s easy to miss a digit or make a simple mistake. Integrating your analyser virtually eliminates this issue, as everything is copied across exactly the same.

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