Get Paid Fast With Open Banking Integration

Connect your Gas Engineer Software account to Crezco for simple, fast payments

The best payment solution you haven’t yet heard of…


Cheque, bank transfers, and card payments all have their downsides. Crezco open banking offers a new, simple, and easy way for you customers to pay. Simple integration with Gas Engineer Software helps you avoid late payment issues & keep happier customers. Read our Crezco integration help article to get set up.  

Gas Engineer Software Integration - Quickbooks

” I’m 66 and not tech savvy but I can use this “

” Great bit of kit saves me a lot of time recent update was flaky for a week but all settled down now like any tool you need to learn how to use it but once you’ve learnt it great works even better the second year as all data is in there im 66 and not tech savvy but I can use this “

Steve Barnes, Birmingham
Heating & Plumbing

The easier it is for your customers, the better it is for you

Paying with Crezco means you no longer have to choose between timely bank transfers or costly card payments. With customers that pay faster, your business will run smoother.


Give customers a QR code or link to pay on-the-spot

For quite a few years, bank transfers have been the preferred payment method for most gas businesses. There are no costly card fees and no cheques to manually deposit. But they also require the customer to log onto internet banking, enter in all the details, double (and triple) check, and send the money. That’s if they’re tech savvy enough…

Open banking allows customers to pay in seconds by scanning a QR code or link. It couldn’t be simpler.

Connect your Gas Engineer Software account to Crezco for simple, fast payments
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Generate invoices with a QR code for payment

With Crezco integration enabled, each invoice you create with Gas Engineer Software can automatically generate a QR code for payment.

Using this code, fees are negligible (at only £1 per payment, regardless of cost), transactions are secure, and you’ll receive a notification upon successful payment.


A healthy cashflow for a healthy business

Late payments are a huge issue for the trades industry. By simplifying and improving the payment experience for your customers, you’re encouraging them to pay quick.

This feeds into a healthy cashflow – which you can use to reinvest into growing your business, hiring new staff, or taking some much needed time off.

Highly secure software development to keep your data safe.
Job Management App Works on Mobile

*Larger invoices will save even more


One solution to get paid, no matter the invoice size

The % fees with card & most online payments make large invoices incredibly expensive. As a result, heating & plumbing companies end up sticking to bank transfers (which are hard to keep track of) or doing a messy half-card-half-bank-transfer arrangement. 

Crezco gets rid of this problem with fixed rate fees – no matter the invoice size. 


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