Website Updated

March 15, 2017

1) Job address title is now correct for all certificates.

2) ‘NA’ or other text can now be easily entered for low/high combustion readings.

Create your Own ‘Homecare Cover’ packages for your Customers

March 14, 2017

Have you ever thought of creating your own monthly subscription ‘Homecare Cover’ packages for your customers?

This would mean that you would have an ongoing monthly income while giving your customers peace of mind and helping them manage their cashflow.

Added High and Low Combustion Reading Option to Gas Safety Records

February 9, 2017

Due to a large number of requests we have now added the option for entering High and Low Combustion Reading to the Landlord, Homeowner, LPG and ND Gas Safety Records.

Please make sure you have updated your apps by clicking on the app store images below to see these options within the apps.

Set Colours on Calendar, Improved Backups, Plus Apps Updated.

January 31, 2017

Calendar Colours

You are now able to set whatever colour you would like for each of your engineers on the website calendar.

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